Thursday, August 14, 2008

A good resource

WG is taking Prevacid for reflux and whatever else is going on in her tummy. We have pretty good prescription drug coverage, but it's still a $30 copay every month. Add to this that she is taking two other GI meds and it gets expensive quickly.

A friend tipped me off that Prevacid offers a "frequent buyers" program of sorts. If you sign up on their site, they will send you information about prevacid (of course) as well as an instant rebate card that takes $25 off each refill. No forms to fill out each month, you just give the card to the pharmacist and get the discount. We got WG's card today just in time because she needs a refill.

Here is the URL to sign up for the program: I put in WG's information (name, age, etc) which was strange because she's only four, but it seems to have worked. I have no idea if Prevacid will spam me or send us things in the mail, etc, but honestly, for $25 a month in my pocket I don't really care!

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