Monday, October 31, 2011

Kiri's Dress

Made by me, photographed by Tim.
Kiri is the daughter of our associate conductor, Jim, and his wife Sarah (who is a trumpet player.). They asked if I would make a baptismal gown for Kiri.

The gown - 40 inches long!

The slip

(Alice wearing pants! Of her own volition!)

Here is a link to Jim and Sarah's blog with pictures of Kiri at her baptism.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Exhibit night!

Earlier this month, Alice's school had its first "Exhibit Night." The school is the arts magnet elementary school for the county (as well as housing the honors program). They do all sorts of neat things. There is an actual dance studio, multiple rooms for music, and art has a main classroom and second classroom with a kiln. At exhibit night, the whole school was transformed into an art gallery. It was really neat to see all the student work.

A student-made mural of ceramic tiles

2nd grade ceramics - Alice's is the yellow and brown cup in the center.

This map is in the hall near Alice's homeroom. It is HUGE!

Art by the other 2nd grade classes:

Alice's class did an extensive unit on Japan. They went to a museum to see Japanese artifacts, learned how to play "rock, paper, scissors" in Japanese, and had a visitor come talk to them about Japanese culture. All this was in addition to the more typical types of learning that go on in a classroom!
They learned how to write their names in Japanese:
They also each learned to write another word and created a picture around it. Alice's word was "school":

Next we went to see the instrumental music teacher. He is AMAZING. He had all kinds of instruments laid out all over the classroom for kids to play. Everything was very hands-on. His room was loud and chaotic in a good way. Everyone who walked into his room that night left having learned something new - myself included.
A piano Mr. Reynolds took apart so the kids can see how it works.

Demonstrating sound waves and vibration with a ping pong ball dancing on a speaker.

We also got to meet some of Alice's new friends.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally done!

It was a push, but I got this done for church on Sunday.

Alice's dress

I started this dress a year ago, and, at some point got tired of the embroidery (or distracted by Christmas dresses). It sat in my sewing basket until a few weeks ago. I decided I'd better get to finishing it before it was outgrown.


I wasn't happy with the vertical buttonhole, so I changed the rest. I was going to rip out the first one and re-sew it to match, but Alice said it looked cool and I should leave it, so I did.

Now I'm madly constructing a baptismal gown for a friend. I'm all out of smocking, though. Time to pleat something new!