Sunday, October 28, 2012

Wool pants!

Louisa is now 6 weeks old / one week old adjusted age.  Still a snuggle bunny.  She has gotten big enough that we are starting to transition her into cloth diapers.  I've got pockets (which don't fit her that well still), a few fitteds (which are surprisingly great.  I'm going to sew a few more and hope that I love them as much as the "real" ones I bought used.), and 2 dozen newborn prefolds with snappis.  For covers we have fallen in love with wool.  We are NOT in love with the price of wool, though!  I do not blame the WAHM's at all for charging what they charge for knitting up longies, but we can't swing paying that to keep Louisa in pants.  I scored a few wool covers and a pair of longies on consignment for not too much $$.  My mom has knit up a cover for us (yay!) and I'm starting to sew some out of sweaters we have picked up at thrift stores.  Here is my first pair of sewn wool longies.

Ugly sweater.  When we picked it up it took us a minute to figure out which was the neck hole.

Louisa in her new cute wool pants and Halloween top.  The pants pattern is Fishsticks Designs Little One Layette.  Her top was my first applique project with my embroidery unit.  Louisa is looking big, isn't she?!  She's pretty much outgrown the preemie stuff.  The onesie she has on is newborn size and I made the pants 0-3 month.  The pants are large - all the better to fit her longer!    

Friday, October 12, 2012

4 Weeks Old / -1 Week Adjusted

Tomorrow Louisa will be 4 weeks old.  I can't believe that it's already been 4 weeks.  It's strange to think that my due date is not for another week.

Weight: 7 pounds
Height: 19-1/2 inches
Size: preemie and a few newborn things are starting to fit
Things she likes: Mommy!  Nursing, but only when she is calm.  Being held.  Being swaddled.
Things she dislikes: Anything that involves being flat on her back: Louisa's got some wicked GERD going on.  Her car seat.  Baths.

Alice reading to Louisa
That is my sock on Louisa's hand.  She was mesmerized by the colors (says big sister).

The Lazy Trinity

At my baby shower - which turned into a "meet the baby" shower!