Friday, August 22, 2008

appt updates

WG had two doc appts this week.

Her four-year-old well check was Tuesday. She's around 39 pounds and about 43 inches tall (3 foot 7) which is tall and slim. So, par for the course. WG has been an amazon since birth. Her pediatrician looked at her feet and said, "Those feet are big enough for a six year old!" That's my girl!

We talked a lot about her sensory issues. Sensory Integration Disorder seems to be the trendy dx of the times. Like ADD/ADHD, it's a tough call. Certainly the disorder exists, but when does quirky cross over to disfunction? Preemies especially seem to have sensory issues. This has been a battle in one way or another with WG since birth. She has always been funny about her feet, which makes sense since preemies are subjected to several heel pricks every day. When the child refuses to put their feet on the ground (in WG's case as a baby) it clearly crosses over to the problem area. You can't learn to walk if you won't put your feet down. The issues right now are related to her perception of (or more accurately, lack thereof) pain. Well, that's my biggest concern, at least. I'm scared silly that sometime she will have some sort of infection and we will have no idea until things get serious because she doesn't experience pain the way most of the population does. WG's also a very physical child: spinning, leaping, hanging upside-down, in-your-face. The dare-devil stunts coupled with the lack of natural consequences pain-wise is a frightening combination. Does this cross the line from normal quirky four-year-old behavior? I don't know. It causes stress in our home, which is why we talked to the pedi about it.

We also talked about speech, learning, eating. The pedi, at least, seems glad that she's still GF. Her own daughter has celiac so she has done a lot of research into it lately and realizes that going GF can greatly benefit many many people, not just dx'ed celiacs.

WG had another follow-up with the GI doc today. Mostly routine. She is still constipated so we're upping the Miralax to twice a day and staying the course with the Prevacid. (BTW, the discount card worked but it took 4 Pharm. Techs at Walgreens a good 20 minutes to figure out how to do it. Hopefully now they know and it won't be a production every time she needs a refill!)

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