Thursday, April 28, 2011

We're Ok

We are all fine after the storms that came through yesterday / last night. No damage to the house, either. People in West Knoxville were not so lucky. My quartet attempted to rehearse last night at our 1st violinists house in W. Knoxville and about 20 bars in, the power went off. 10 minutes later the hail started. We toughed it out in his basement for a few hours and then zoomed home between storm cells. I risked taking the back roads, which turned out to be clear. Our cellist, who lives on the same side of town as we do, took one of the main drags, which was completely flooded. Everyone made it home safely, though.

Its crazy here - Knox co schools are operating, but everyone around us is closed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Easter Sweater

My mom sent Alice a sweater for Easter. It fits perfectly (and so does the one for her doll Kit!). Now to make the dress that goes with....

Easter sweater

Thanks, Grandma!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Jesus Mummy

Me: "How was Sunday School?"

Alice: "Great! We learned all about when Jesus died! He died on a cross and then, after, they prepared his body. They took out his organs and put them in jars and then they got a hook and took out his brain through his nose!"

Me: (long pause) "Did they tell you that in Sunday School?"

Alice: "Yeah! They really did that, Mom! Remember? We read it in that book."

Me: (the lightbulb coming on) "Alice, Jesus wasn't a mummy. They didn't take out his organs or his brain. You're thinking about the ancient Egyptians."

Alice: (greatly disappointed) "Oh."

Me: "Also, this is probably another one of those things you shouldn't talk about at school. I mean, you can talk about mummies and you can talk about Jesus, but you probably shouldn't talk about Jesus being a mummy...."

Alice: "Why?"

Me: (weighing the pros and cons of trying to explain the dark side of Southern religious culture -again- and deciding against it.) "Well, because it's just not true and you might confuse some people."

Alice: "Oh. Okay. But can I just pretend that Jesus was a mummy, you know, by myself?"

Me: "Absolutely."

This led to another very interesting conversation about what she plans to do with my body when I die. No cremation for me, apparently!

Note to self: next year we should not study ancient cultures during Lent.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take Three...

Tim emailed the principal of Alice's current school to request an appointment to discuss enrichment activities for next year since we did not win the honors lottery. She emailed him back and told him that she had spoken with the head of Gifted / Talented for the county. Alice HAD been selected for the honors class next year.

Apparently the school was supposed to call the parents of children who were selected for the honors classes before the district sent home the transfer papers. They wound up doing it in reverse this year. The transfer paper we received only listed the school - not the honors program. The honors program and the school itself are two different options in the transfer lottery. It was all very confusing.

Although Tim talked to the G/T coordinator yesterday, we got the official phone call from the school this morning.

She's in! (For real this time!)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Back to Square One...

Here is a lesson in reading carefully.

Alice did NOT win a place in the honors class. She won a place in the school which houses the honors class. I mistook "magnet" to = honors. It doesn't. Thank GOD I didn't rush out and return the letter of intent! The honors program is great. The general school, not so much.

I am sick over this. I'm not sure what we'll be doing next year.

What do you do with a kid who is already working a few grades ahead of her peers with the gap widening every day?

Really. I'm asking. If anyone has advice I'd love to hear it.

Friday, April 1, 2011

We Won the Lottery!!!

Alice was accepted into the 2nd grade accelerated honors class at the magnet elementary for next year!