Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Artist's explanation

WG is sitting on the floor drawing pictures. She has drawn a sun and a family of three walking on grass. She's giving me a running commentary while she's drawing.

WG: "Here is a sun and here is a person. He doesn't have hands. She doesn't have hands neither and this is the dad. He doesn't have hands and he doesn't have any eyeballs...... Now he has eyeballs..... They don't have any bones, they are sacks of jelly.... Here is a big flower in their garden.... They don't have any hair. Maybe if I give them hair a dog will eat them. (!?) Here is the orange dog."

Me: "did the dog eat them?"

WG: "No, not yet. Pretty soon, though."

If Tim can scan her picture in I'll post it. It's basically as described. One of the people has fushia colored, Rapunzel-length hair. The orange dog appears to be licking it. Poor armless, boneless person doesn't know what's in store. She can't run either, because, well, she is a sack of jelly.

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