Monday, July 26, 2010

Fountain Park Pictures

This summer Alice and I have been doing a tour of the local fountain parks. Maybe this is a Southern thing or maybe its a Knoxville thing. I don't know, but they are awesome. Its basically a sprinkler on steroids. I love it because I don't have to pay the water bill (directly, anyhow...), it's FREE, and it's a good opportunity for my lonely only to socialize with her peers. There are several of these parks throughout Knoxville. This one is right on Gay Street, which is the main drag downtown. Its set back from the sidewalk so the kids don't splash the business people walking past. The theater I perform at is to the right (but not in the picture.)


This is in World's Fair Park. These are the biggest fountains in town and the ones we frequent most often.
These are also fun because the height of the water varies. Sometimes it will be really low and calm and then will suddenly shoot up higher than the flag poles.
There is also a really great playground in Worlds Fair Park.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Here are some pics from our trip to Ann Arbor. I'm pretty bad about documenting things with the camera. I didn't get any pictures of Alice with Grandma or Grandpa G or Aunt Amy! I think Mom got some, so if she sends them to me I'll put them up.

These are from the children's museum

Alice in a bubble:

This was Alice's favorite part of the museum. You danced in front of a screen and it projected images of you onto a screen in front of you:
I thought this was a cool picture because it sort of shows how it works. The silver screen / black shadow only show up when you take a picture of the color screen. When you're actually dancing and watching the color screen you only see the colorful images.

Alice and Mme P:
Phew! I had forgotten the endless movement of the toddler years!