Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally done!

It was a push, but I got this done for church on Sunday.

Alice's dress

I started this dress a year ago, and, at some point got tired of the embroidery (or distracted by Christmas dresses). It sat in my sewing basket until a few weeks ago. I decided I'd better get to finishing it before it was outgrown.


I wasn't happy with the vertical buttonhole, so I changed the rest. I was going to rip out the first one and re-sew it to match, but Alice said it looked cool and I should leave it, so I did.

Now I'm madly constructing a baptismal gown for a friend. I'm all out of smocking, though. Time to pleat something new!

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Hobbes said...

Very nicely done and she looks great in it. We are working on the flat Alice project and should be moving it out in the next day or two. Flat Alice got to go to the Aquatic Center and go down the waterslide . . . ..