Wednesday, September 21, 2011

M: (picking up Alice) "How was school?"

A: "Great! I lost my tooth today!"

M: "WOW! Where is it?"

A: "I swallowed it at lunch. Will the tooth fairy come anyway?"

M: "Of course! So, it came out while you were eating, huh?"

A: "Oh, no. It came out in gym."

M: ????

A: "I didn't want to interrupt the gym teacher while she was giving us instructions. Also, I don't think she has any baggies for teeth so I just put it back in my mouth."

M: "Huh. And then you had lunch?"

A: "No. Then we went to the zoo. Then we went back to school and then we had lunch."

M: ???? "So you had your tooth in your mouth that whole time???"

A: "Yup. I swallowed it when I ate my strawberries at lunch."

M: "Huh. You didn't take the tooth out of your mouth at lunch?"

A: "Nope."

M: ????? "Did you tell your teacher?"

A: "Nope. I just told Harry (a classmate) at lunch after I swallowed it."

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