Monday, September 19, 2011

Pretty Flowers

Today Alice disappeared outside with a notebook and a pencil. She was writing an essay - just because she wanted to. Here it is -

Lots of Pretty Flowers
by Alice

There are many flowers. Some of them are here for a porpes (purpose). Some of them mite be eating bugs, like the pitcher plant. Others mite be for scareing aminals. But my favrets are sunflowers, dazys, poppies, indian paint brush and the iris. What are your favrets? I would like to know! The flowers I listed I call show off flowers because they don't do much esept (except) look cool and look pretty and smell good. But theres a job that every flower does. The job is to polnat (pollinate). Now I know bees help with that, but it's importint. If it weren't for flowers and bees we would have to eat dirt and we would have to drink out of a sewer. But we would only be alive for a day. Then there would be no people liveing. Luckily theres food for us to eat.

Not bad for a 2nd grader, huh?

School is still going well. We are all still very, very happy with the move. Mid-term report cards came home today - all E's (excellent). Alice was the most proud of the + she got for reading level. The reading level scale is -, = or + indicating below, at or above grade level.

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