Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Take Three...

Tim emailed the principal of Alice's current school to request an appointment to discuss enrichment activities for next year since we did not win the honors lottery. She emailed him back and told him that she had spoken with the head of Gifted / Talented for the county. Alice HAD been selected for the honors class next year.

Apparently the school was supposed to call the parents of children who were selected for the honors classes before the district sent home the transfer papers. They wound up doing it in reverse this year. The transfer paper we received only listed the school - not the honors program. The honors program and the school itself are two different options in the transfer lottery. It was all very confusing.

Although Tim talked to the G/T coordinator yesterday, we got the official phone call from the school this morning.

She's in! (For real this time!)

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G'Mom said...

Whew! But I hope they run the honors program more efficiently than they run the admission process. I was so cross on your behalf I was ready to call the school myself!