Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hair cut

WG detests having her hair cut. She's got some sensory processing issues going on and a trip to the hair salon completely wigs (ha!) her out. She's had her hair cut professionally once. There was a kid's salon in town that I took her to a few summers back. She did okay there (and I figured it was a kids salon, so they would be used to the screaming) but it went down with the economy and no longer exists. I can't subject a regular hair salon to WG. The poor stylists at supercuts don't make enough money to have to deal with her. I also feel bad subjecting WG to a regular hair place when I know it makes her extremely upset and uncomfortable. So, I cut her hair myself. I cut her hair around Thanksgiving and decided it was time to do it again last weekend.

Here she is, post-haircut. It went better this time, probably because I read up on how to cut hair. I'm going to buy a pair of hair scissors for the next cut, though. (I've been using fiskars.) Note the "chewy P." Sometimes the only thing that helps WG to hold herself together is to chew. She had two chewy P's going during her haircut.


Aunt Becky said...

I think she looks adorable with her hair cut. And I'm WITH HER. I so *hate* getting my hair cut I could scream.

And your comment on my blog about that person who stole the pictures is FREAKY. I can't believe people do that kind of stuff!

Katy said...

Thanks. :)

People are sick. Too many micropreemie moms have gotten burned by people stealing pics of their kids. WG has always been a sasquatch, so I don't really think anyone would snatch her pics, but it makes me squeamish all the same.