Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Endoscopy follow up

WG had her follow up with the GI doc today. In a nutshell, nothing new. All the allergy tests came back negative, she tested WG again for the celiac gene: also negative (again), nutritionaly she is also doing okay. The biopsies just confirmed what she saw: irritated, angry, enflamed GI tract.

SO, the game plan for now is to finish the carafate, stay on prevacid and add miralax for the next month for constipation. WG is horribly constipated. Who knows if this is due to her tummy woes or if it's due to the prevacid / carafate. Constipation is a side effect of both drugs.

The doc asked if WG was having any stomach pain. I told her that it was hard to say because WG has a very high pain tollerence and would do just about anything (including lie) to avoid having to go to the doctor. Also, as our friend pointed out to me, WG has had so many chronic tummy issues that she probably doesn't know if she is in pain.

WG will see the GI again on August 21. She has her four year (!) well check on the 19th, so an appointment filled week for her. I was dissappointed that we were put on a short leash (three weeks between appts). I was hoping that she would get a three month window before needing to be seen again. Her doc is concerned about the constipation (WG is bleeding with BM's) and also thinks that an emptying study may still be in her future, so three weeks it is.

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