Friday, May 23, 2008

Future accountant?

WG has discovered money. And she really really likes it. She has taken over Tim's old bank and is constantly collecting change to stash in it. She knows the names of all the coins although she frequently calls dimes "diamonds." Don't we wish?! She doesn't know values yet. She does understand that work = pay. The symphony shot a commercial for a health insurance company last week and she asked me if they would give me a penny...... I told her that if I was really lucky I'd get a couple pennies.

WG also understands that you need money to buy things. This is where her change hoarding has come in handy. When we are out and she asks for something I have started telling her that we'll have to see if she has enough pennies saved for it when we get home. WG hasn't been pestering me too much lately because she is saving her money to buy a ball with Thomas the Tank Engine on it. She probably has enough to buy it now. I'm not really sure she'll be willing to give up her money for it, though....

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echo said...

Smart, smart girl!

Looks like she was about the age that Xoch is now. She asked me for ice cream when the ice cream man pushed his little cart through the park. I told her we do not have any money to buy ice cream, so she replies "can't we just buy some money, mom?"