Sunday, November 11, 2012

Two Months

Louisa is two months old!  She has just started social smiling - holy moly is she adorable.  She will look at you intensely and then break into a huge grin.  She's been sticking her tongue out, too.

Weight: I'm guessing around 9 pounds.  She has her well-check on Thursday - I'll edit that in then.

Height: Tall.  Last week in the hospital she was 90th percentile for height.

Size: 0-3 month.  Her NB and "large" preemie clothes fit but since she's connected to things I prefer to put her in clothes that are a little bit baggier.

Favorite things: her pacifiers.  We have three different kinds that we rotate.  Since she is not taking anything by mouth now I have really been pushing the pacifiers.  I want her to be okay with having something in her mouth and not to get hooked on any one type.  This way if we are able to ditch the tube and go back to bottle feeding she'll be able to adapt faster.  (That's my theory, anyway.)  Louisa also LOVES a lap.  It doesn't matter much whose lap she's on just so long as she's snuggled up to someone.

Least favorite things: being put down, being on her back.  Louisa is still battling the GERD monster.  The NJ tube and prevacid have helped minimally.  We are able to put her on her back to change her diaper without being afraid that she will choke.  Otherwise her symptoms are much the same.  At this point someone is holding her 18+ hours a day, usually more like 20 hours.  We have people come over to hold her so that I can get up for an hour or so.  Alice also likes to hold her.   

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