Monday, September 17, 2012

Guess Who?!

Louisa Jane was born on Thursday, September 13th at 35 weeks.  I started having (more) regular contractions on Wednesday night on my way home from our symphony performance.  When I went in to be checked out at the hospital, my blood pressure was going up and up and up, so it was time to deliver. 

Louisa had no NICU time!!!!!  She got a little bit of oxygen right after she was born, but that is IT!  We took her home on Saturday after the UT / FL game started, but before it ended.  (The hospital is a few blocks from the stadium.  They didn't want us to have to deal with game day traffic, lol.)  As they wheeled me out of the hospital WITH the baby, I started sobbing.  What a gift to come out of this with a cordless, take-home baby.   

Louisa is doing so amazingly well that it is easy for us to forget that she is 5 weeks early.  The only problematic areas are sleeping and eating.  She would much rather sleep than eat.  We have wake her every three hours to eat.  This includes setting an alarm throughout the night.  Her sucking reflex is not quite there yet and she's still getting the hang of the whole suck / swallow / breathe thing.  She gets tired VERY quickly and will fall asleep after eating 1/4 of an ounce if we let her.  Luckily, we learned ninja feeding skills with Alice.  We can usually cajole her into eating an entire ounce.  Right now that takes 30-40 minutes, but she'll catch on.

My two beautiful girls.

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Hobbes said...

An Alice/Tim lookalike. We are hoping all will go well for the next few weeks so she can put on weight and get to nine months without any major problems. Thanks for the pics!