Wednesday, July 11, 2012

26 week appt update

I had my 26 week appointment yesterday.  Overall it went amazingly well, especially since I had landed at Labor and Delivery the night before with bleeding.  They kept me on the monitors for an hour or so and then let me go.  Of course Baby, who had decided to doubly scare me by not moving at all, started punching the sensor as soon as they strapped it to my belly.  I sat there watching the thing jump off my skin because she was punching it so hard.  Yesterday I had an ultrasound to check for growth.  Baby weighs 2 pounds (56th %tile), my fluid is fine, and the placenta is great.  They had no explanation for the bleeding.  No bedrest right now, but I am supposed to take it easy.   

I found out what the plan for my Lovenox shots is.  I will take Lovenox until 36 weeks and then switch to heparin.  Starting with my next appointment I will be having twice weekly appointments - one for ultrasound and one for non-stress test.  If there are any signs of pre-term labor they will switch me to heparin earlier.  Heparin clears the body faster than Lovenox, which is good.  With Lovenox any spinal anaesthesia is a no-no because it can cause paralysis.  Thus, epidurals are not possible with Lovenox nor are spinal blocks.  If I had to have a C-section it would have to be under general.  The stinky thing about heparin is that you have to inject twice a day.  My poor belly has had just about enough of these injections.  I am really hoping that I pass the gestational diabetes test because I can't imagine having to inject insulin in addition to lovenox / heparin.

My blood pressure was lower than it has been.  I'm going to start monitoring it at home so that we can catch it if it starts to creep.

Next appointment is at 30 weeks (!) unless my bp starts to rise or I have more bleeding.     

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