Friday, February 4, 2011

Lovely Parting Gifts

I had my post-op appointment yesterday. It was a super fast appointment that took forever. 90 minutes in the office for 5 minutes of face time.

I got to see the pathologist report. It was short - less than 10 words.

male fetus
cause of demise: trisomy 20

Trisomy 21 causes Down Syndrome. Trisomy 20 causes miscarriages.

It was random - truly bad luck - and, since I am young(ish), it is no more likely to happen again than it was to happen in the first place.

The whole thing reminded me of Wheel of Fortune where, after not solving the final puzzle, the contestant is shown what they would have won if only they had picked different letters.

A boy. A son. A brother.

We really wanted a boy.

My doctor showed me the report to give us some closure. And you know what?

It has.

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