Monday, October 19, 2009


So, turns out I was a bit too optimistic in that last post. H1N1 threw me flat on my back yesterday. It was quite sudden. I went from being just a bit tired and achy to full out body shakes, extreme pain and a 104 degree fever in a few hours. Not fun. Tim took me to the ER where I got a nice shot of something that took away some of the pain and brought my temp down to a much more pleasant 100. I'm feeling much more human today. Not *well* by any stretch, but I'm also not huddled under a blanket shaking. I'm out of work for the week and was told to stay in bed (no problem!) and drink lots of fluids.

This happened WHILE I was taking tamiflu. (day 3 out of 5) I don't want to think about how bad it would have been without the tamiflu.

Seriously consider getting the vax. This is a nasty, nasty virus.

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