Saturday, July 4, 2009

Veggie Land

I took these pictures a few weeks ago, which is eons in garden time. Now we even have wee baby corn cobs coming! Not to mention the new beds that Tim cut for the raspberries and blackberries. He also extended the back flower garden all the way to the back deck. Some day I will get around to taking new garden pics but for now here is our garden.

herb garden
The vegetable garden. This year Tim and WG planted tomatoes, cucumbers, snap peas, green beans, corn, kale, green peppers, hot peppers, radishes and watermelon.
Vegetable garden '09
Veggie land '09
Our $3 Fig Tree that was left for dead at Lowes and now has FIGS on it!!!
$3 fig tree
WG and the first radishes of summer
Alice and radishes, again


Anonymous said...

Dang, I wish I could see the pics! Stupid work filters. We've planted much of the same veggies as you, but no fruit. I'm definitely jealous of your watermelon, raspberries and blackberries!!

Do you do raised bed gardening? Is it organic?

Jennifer said...

mmmmmm yummy!!!