Tuesday, January 6, 2009

GF news

I'll post a WG update and some pics later today. I promise!

I wanted to pop on quickly to let you all know of some GF news.

The Good:
If you don't know already, Chex has reformulated Rice Chex to be GF! (YIPPEE!!!) Some stores are stocking the old formula until they run out, so check the label for malt.

The Bad:
Campbells has changed some formulas so that things that were GF are no longer GF. (Boo hiss!!!) NO Pace or Prego products are GF. (This would explain the sore in WG's mouth. I have a bottle of Pace sitting in my fridge right now. Grrr.) Also now on the forbidden list are Swanson's Lower sodium Beef broth, Ready to serve beef broth, and all organic broths.

It's a reminder that being vigilent and reading labels is still important even when the GF diet has become easy.

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