Saturday, June 7, 2008


There have been many UFO sightings here as of late.... Not UFO's of ET fame, I'm talking about Unfinished Objects. Projects that are half-completed and then left, for whatever reason, for another day that never comes.

Last night I started in on my UFO's. I finished two bibs and a lunch bag to send to a friend, converted a large pile of WG's winter knit pants and tops to shorts and shortsleeved shirts for summer PJ's, and (finally) finished hemming the curtains for my bedroom. We've had a blanket covering the window for longer than I care to admit. I finished the curtains, Tim hung them and it is sooo much nicer than it was. Funny how a small change like that can make the whole room more relaxing.

I still have a bunch of UFO's. So I've decided from now until July 4th is UFO challenge time. Let's gain independence from our unfinished projects! It doesn't have to be sewing or craft projects; household projects, garden projects, etc all count. I would love to hear about completed UFO's. (Mom, Aunt Beth, Amy I know you probably have a few!)

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