Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Favorite foods

WG is a tremendous eater.

I don't think that we can take very much credit for this. As primary hunter-gatherer / household chef, I do my best to limit the influx of junk and provide an interesting varied menu. Still, I would say her (current) status as an eager adventurous eater is 5% our doing and 95% the grace of God. WG has always had tummy troubles. Looking back at that time I am amazed at how well she did. Her chronic vomiting started while she was still getting the hang of eating solids, yet she never rejected food. We were pretty low-key about the whole thing around her, which I'm sure helped, but still, I know children who have experienced less and wound up with feeding tubes. It's just another mystery that I don't even pretend to understand.

Right now, WG's favorite foods (to eat, NOT to play with...) are baby corn, brown rice, red bell pepper slices, pepper jack cheese, olives, and bananas. Her favorite restaurant (one of very few "safe" gluten-free places we've found) is Thai food. She even knows what to order. Of course, she loves cookies and sweets, but if you make her choose between a snack of a cookie and a snack of olives, she'll probably go for the olives. I am enjoying this while it lasts!

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